Draw the State Bird

This project involves Internet literacy skills. Our state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch. The students and I look at Enchanted Learning's website. We use the Little Explorer Picture Dictionary and navigate to the letter G and use the scroll bar to move down the screen until the word Goldfinch is found.

I pass a printout to each student so that it is easier to work in Kid Pix. The students use the pencil tool and follow the black outline to copy the image onto a blank KidPix page.

I display an image from Flickr to allow the students to see the bird's coloring.

When the students are finished, I (the teacher) save the image as a KidPix image and a JPEG.

After the students leave the lab, I import the JPEG onto the third slide of their Bird PowerPoint.

These are some sample images:

GoldfinchSampl1.jpg GoldfinchSample2.jpg

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