ABC Stampers

The ABC Stampers require the use of the Kid Pix menu. In this lesson, we practice using the mouse to select the Controls menu then choose Turn Small Kids Mode On. As a teacher, it is important to realize that when Small Kids Mode is turned on Kid Pix will not allow you to File - Save or File - Print.

I ask the students to volunteer words with the "at" sound. After we list those words, I demonstrate how to open the template below using the Idea Machine (from the Kid Pix class six). I show the students how to turn Small Kids Mode on and use the ABC stampers. They are located on the same tool that allows the typing of text in regular Kid Pix mode. The eighth box is used for their name if they choose to print out the picture.

For the first six boxes, they should find the letter to spell the word of the sticker in the box (CAT, HAT, BAT, FAT, RAT, and MAT). They should make their own at word in the bottom two boxes such as pat, sat, flat, that, and so on. They may add a stamper, sticker, or draw a picture for those words.

If they are interested, they can open a blank grid and create words for other sounds such as OT words, or IT words.


Blank Grid:

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