ABC Chart for Initial Letter Sounds - Stampers

By second grade, the students are able to easily find stampers in the various categories of Kid Pix. The are to fill in as many stamps as they can that start with each letter. It can take two (or more) 30 minute class periods. Class one, they just search for stampers. Class two, I give them printouts of all the stamps in the program sorted by category to share. They are in plastic sleeves.

I reviewed how to use the "Uh Oh Man" and helped them with the tiny eraser. A few of them blew up the project by mistake by using the big eraser. Some I was able to help with the "Uh Oh Man". I went around the room clicking <apple><s> every so often. Next week, I will reteach saving.

There is no easy stamper for Z. I teach the students to slide the zebra sticker onto the letter Z. I give them instructions on moving and resizing the sticker. It is the only letter that I allow them to use the sticker.


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