ABC Chart for Initial Letter Sounds - Stickers

By third grade, the students are able to easily find stickers in the various categories of Kid Pix. The are to fill in one sticker per category. The project is more challenging for the third grade because they also have to resize the stickers to fit in the box.

Addition: As I was teaching today, I realized that I also had to teach the third graders to click Tools - Flatten Stickers & Animations - All - OK. I told them to do this every third sticker. Last year, I learned that there are limits to how many stickers you can put on a page, and I know it is fewer than 26. After they flattened the stickers, I had them File - Save As... - Save - Replace. I told them the first time they would not have to click Replace since it was the first time they were saving.

I reviewed how to resize a sticker and how to move it by placing the pointer in the center of the sticker.

We had a 42 minute period with introductions. They will have to continue the project next week. Next week, I want to show them how to delete a sticker before and after it is flattened. We continued onto a third week. Almost everyone is done! See samples below the big picture.


abcstick.jpg abcstick2.jpg