All About Me PowerPoint

In this lesson, we learn to search and use clip art in PowerPoint to tell a story. The students are responsible for choosing three clip art images from the Clip Art Library. They write, at least, five sentences telling why this piece of clip art is something they like. When finished, they copy and paste the notes into Wordle to create a word cloud of their text.

Review how to: add a slide, change the slide layout from Bullet list to Title Only, type notes, Slideshow - View Show, print notes in greyscale.
Learn to: add clip art, proportionally resize clip art

Software Skills
Slide 1 - Title: All About Me; Subtitle: Name, grade, month and year of presentation/ Select a background color.
Slide 2 - First fact about me
Slide 3 - Second fact about me
Slide 4 - Third fact about me

Presentation Skills
The students come up one at a time to present. The audience learns that they are expected to keep quiet for the presenter, do not call out, and give a short amount of applause at the end. The presenter learns to face the audience, read from notes while speaking slowly and clearly, advance the slides in front of a group.

The students use the notes from the slides they created while working on their software skills.

These are example presentations from the first time we completed the project in the 2008-2009 school year.

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